For Parents

kids-fitness-for-parentsWhen it comes to your children accessing fitness programs online, you need a system you can trust. Kids Coach has been co-developed by an Occupational Therapist and a Fitness Instructor who understands the specific developmental needs of your child.

The Kids Coach program is designed to allow kids to develop their self-confidence, improve their behaviour and achieve better mental and physical health. The workouts have regular video releases to keep your child engaged, while having the added benefits of improving your child’s developmental skills including their gross motor skills, core stability, balance, coordination and proprioception.

On average, children are now spending between 4-8 hours on screen based activities each day. As parents, it can be a struggle to balance your child’s screen time and physical activity. The Kids Coach program is here to help regain that balance, putting the power back in your hands with an affordable, online solution.

Imagine if you could get all of these benefits for your child’s health in the short time it takes you to cook dinner! The Kids Coach fitness videos keep kids motivated with 15-20 minute clips your kids can access from the comfort of their own home, suiting even the busiest family.

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