How is The Kids Coach curriculum aligned for schools?


Did you know The Kids Coach is also completely curriculum aligned?

The Kids Coach provides the added bonus of being fully curriculum aligned for primary school students, allowing your staff the ease, flexibility and convenience of achieving their curricular outcomes for their students.

Aligned completely with the national Health and Physical Education Curriculum (Scope and Sequence P-6), The Kids Coach develops crucial learning outcomes including fundamental movement skills (FMSs), movement and physical activity requirements and moving the body, understanding movement and learning through movement.

Teaching staff are now able to achieve these outcomes in using The Kids Coach for a unique, innovative approach.

Integrating The Kids Coach program into your classroom also allows teaching staff to continue to develop their requirements for implementing Information & Communication Technology (ICT) into their teaching programs in a fun, creative and meaningful way.

The Kids Coach is the world’s premier fitness program for primary schools and their students. Developed by an Occupational Therapist and a Kids Personal Trainer, the program combines the joy of movement with the benefits of development, coordination, behaviour and focus.

Designed with both teachers and students in mind, the program is simple, convenient and easy to use, providing videos for teachers to use anywhere in your school that has a screen. Schools around the world are using The Kids Coach every day in their classrooms for morning fitness, brain breaks, sports and HPE lessons and whole school fitness sessions.

To find out more about The Kids Coach program or to get a free trial, visit our website .


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