About the Program



The Kids Coach is the world’s premier fitness program for kids. Developed by an Occupational Therapist and a Kids Personal Trainer, the program combines the joy of movement with the benefits of development, physical fitness, behaviour management and improved focus for learning.


Designed with both teachers and students in mind, the program is simple, convenient and easy to use. Schools around the world are using The Kids Coach every day in their classrooms for morning fitness, brain breaks, sports and HPE lessons and whole school fitness sessions.


The Kids Coach offers exercise sessions and movement brain breaks that are scientifically designed, evidence based and curriculum aligned with Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and United States requirements for Health & Physical Education (HPE), helping teachers to reach their learning outcomes in an easy, innovative way.



Teachers simply press play on the videos and students are guided through instructional, educational and expertly designed sessions. There is no need for planning, setting up of equipment or teacher involvement - unless the teacher wants to join in of course!


The teacher can choose the session they wish to use, ranging from 1 minute through to 15 minutes, where kids will duck waddle, superhero squat and gorilla jump their way to moving more, being more alter for learning and increasing their physical activity levels.




The Kids Coach is a video based program, so your school can use it on interactive whiteboards, TVS, a projector screen, on iPads or other electronic devices.


We licence your package to your whole school, so you can choose the most convenient way for your staff and students to use it – however it suits your school the best.


Most schools load each series onto their server and allow shared access across all staff and classrooms, allowing for quick and convenient playing of the videos. Alternatively, you can also choose to copy the video files onto individual hard drives for each classroom.




The Kids Coach is designed for students aged 4 to 10 years of age, so those in primary or elementary school.




The program is completely national curriculum aligned, meeting the health and physical activity curriculum guidelines and helping teachers achieve core learning outcomes for their students.


To purchase the program online for your school, head to our online store or contact us here.